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Top loading pick and place case packer machine

MITTIWAY PACKING MACHINE Co., Ltd. independently developed and produced automatic packing machine, auto case erector, auto case sealer and auto case loading machine. The company has been in direct face-to-face contact with customers over the years. Therefore, the products developed and produced by our company are continually and steadily updated with the needs of the market and customers. The company constantly pursues perfect quality and adheres to high-level technology to provide customers with a complete packaging solutions from automatic case packer to robotic palletizing.

  Here is our automatic case loading machine for small pharmacy boxes: it is with the auto case erector ,auto case loading machine, auto case sealer.

This is the boxes accumulation system: it is organizing the boxes as a group.  

The machine is arranging each row of boxes on the accumulating area

After the accumulating, here comes the picking device to take the group of products.      

Here we can see theres a pushing device to help pick up the products well. 

This is the sucking type pick and place device, it is powerful to take up the products and place them into the carton accurately.

After the loading, the carton will be transferred to the auto case sealer automatically.

This is the auto flaps folding case sealer, which is closing the carton and seal it with adhesive taper.