New energy packaging line

Salina | 2022-06-30

New energy packaging line


          Rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells,new energy technology companies ,lithium battery chips are packaged in the box,but they can not be used directly for box erector.Loading the bag inside the carton before filling the batteries into the carton.

The poly bag maker inserter is a machine to make a bag automatically and to insert the poly bag inside of the box,which is convenient packaging solution for the end of line packaging.

 Why do lithium battery chips need a bag before loading into the carton?

 The production and processing technology of lithium-ion batteries is complicated.From the perspective of dust removal,it includes processes such as stirring,rolling,sheeting,winding,welding,and packaging.Lithium-ion batteries will generate dust or smoke during the processes.If they don't disposal in time, it will have a greater impact on product quality.It will even damage the processing machines,and threaten the lives of employees.

So,the dustproof of lithium batteries must be done well.In the packaging of lithium battery chips, highly attention must be paid.After the bag is inserted  in the carton and it must be removed dust.What's more, a series of processes such as packing and sealing the bag must be guaranteed to ensure that the lithium battery is charged,in order to ensure the safety of lithium battery cells.

Our bag inserter and bag decufer sealing machine can meet the requirement for the battery's packaging. we have been working with many big company,like Geely car industry, AA battery industry,and BMW car industry.

New energy packaging line