Mittiway is fully prepared for the 2023 Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Equipment Exhi

2023 Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition are holding in Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Exhibition hall from March 2 to March 4, 2023. This exhibition will bring together more than 500 leading enterprises at home and abroad. Business covers transmission, mechanical drive systems and parts, sensors, industrial computer equipment , industrial, automation software, interface technology and machine vision and other fields, to build trade and knowledge sharing platform for the industry.

One month before the exhibition, we started to prepare for all aspects for the exhibition. The first thing we should do was to considered which bagging machine and folding machine series could show the latest technology to the members from all over the world, The next thing was to figured out the arrangement of the machines in the exhibition hall, because most of the machines like ours are all large. We needed to figure out how to make the best use of the limited area of the exhibition and how to make the best visual experience. After all these are ready, our company personnel arrive at the exhibition hall in two days before. The first batch arrives to arrange the exhibition hall according to the previous planning, including our engineers and drivers to help load and unload the machine. And the installation and debugging of the machine, the the second batch of departure before the launch of Guangzhou, make full preparations, in the best state to meet the friends from the exhibition.

From this point of view, our company is fully prepared for this exhibition and appears in the exhibition in the best spirit. Meanwhile, Mittiway also welcomes you to participate in the exhibition in Guangzhou, China.We hope that we could do better and go further and further in the field of intelligent package with you.