Mittiway first automatic equipment technology knowledge examination competition

Last Sunday, our company held the first knowledge examination competition of automation equipment machine for all sales staff and technical staff ,the test results came out on the same day. Our company decided to give certain bonuses to the top three winners in this exam, among which the first prize was RMB 2,000, the second prize was RMB 1,000 and the third prize was RMB 500.

On Monday,in this day morning meeting ,all the staff of our company held a commendation meeting for last Sunday's exam. Our company leaders happily handed the corrsponding bonus to the winners and took a group photos, the scene was also very lively and happily.

The greatest significance of our company's organization of such an examination activity is that all employess could master the knowledge content of our products and equipment actively or passively to the maximum extent. Only in this way ,we could be better serve every customers from all over the world and strive to provide the best products and after-sales service for every customers.