Welcome the friends from oversea came to visit our company/ factory

With the dissipation of the epidemic, more and more foreign friends acroess the sea came to visit our company, for this point, first of all, we are very welcome all you firends to our company.

Four foreign friends and cooperation customers arrived in Guangdong Dongguan yesterday. After a night's rest in the hotel, our manager went to the hotel to drived them to our company. Our manager led the customers to the sales Director office first, where they got to knew each other, had tea and chat, it was almost time for lunch, we took the customers to have the dinner on the sixth floor of our company. In our spare time, we took photos together as a souvenir. Then, after having a short rest for dinner, we held a meeting in our conference room to discuss the new project to be carried out and strive to negotiate a better design and production scheme. We go to the workshop of our company with friends, so that firends have a full understanding of our Mittiway company.

If you also have a good intelligent packaging equipment design scheme, but haven't find a right manufacturer, our Mittiway is your choice, at the same time, we are sincerely waiting for your arrival and cooperation with us.