Innovative Automatic 2 in 1 integrated case erector and bag inserter machine subvert the traditional

Nowadays, food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other fast-moving consumer goods industries put forward higher requirements for packaging machinery - fast, accurate, hygienic, while also taking into account the flexibility and economy. The traditional step-by-step packaging process has been unable to meet these needs. The innovative integrated packaging machine is becoming the industry's new favorite.

This integrated design subverts the traditional step-by-step packaging mode, realizing the whole process of opening, taking bags, bags and other integrated completion. Compared with the traditional step-by-step packaging, it has the following significant advantages.

Significantly improve efficiency
The whole packaging process is completed in one go, without intermediate transfer, greatly shortening the packaging cycle.
Higher precision
The integrated design ensures a high degree of coordination of all processes, reflecting excellent operational stability and packaging accuracy.
Completely solve the hygiene hazard
The fully enclosed packaging environment effectively avoids secondary pollution caused by manual intervention. Easy-to-clean stainless steel ensures a high standard of hygiene.
Reduced labor costs
The high degree of automation greatly reduces the dependence on labor. At the same time, the operation is stable and reliable, and the maintenance cost is also greatly reduced.
Customized design can be made according to different product types and packaging requirements to meet diversified market demands.
Innovation, so that packaging is no longer limited to the traditional. The integrated machine is reshaping the future shape of the entire FMCG packaging industry. Contact us now to start your journey of packaging innovation!