Mittiway Tray former Bag inserter factory wholesale manufacturer

Are you still struggling with labor shortages, rocketing cost of labor, disappointing ROI? Here is MITTIWAY’s proposal, the Tray Former.

- Reliable. Quality is above everything. Electrical and pneumatic components are carefully chosen from advanced brands like Panasonic, Siemens, MCGS, Delta and Air Tac, to guarantee precision and sustainability. Repeatedly debugging ensures excellent performance.

- Professional. MITTIWAY owns its team of R&D, production and maintenance, through whose joint efforts, we have registered over 40 new equipment patents, 3 invention patents, 6 software Copyrights and other core technology intellectual property rights. Humanity is also a consideration manifesting in the design of ladders and other protection measures.

- Cost-Efficient. With simple operation, only one operator and half a day of training is needed before being able to get start. Less manual interaction introduces a higher productivity that increases to 12Pcs/Min or so.

- Customized. MITTIWAY’s tray former can accordingly tackle with boxes in different shapes and sizes as you require. We specially focus on aircraft box folding machine, lid and base tray former, hot melt gluing box folding machine, as well as the packaging automation line, and non-standard customized tray folding machine.

Founded in 2015, MITTIWAY has already served dozens of companies,including ZTE, HUAWEI, CATL, DELI and MENGNIU DAIRY. With tray former as our main product, we also expert in box inserter, carton erector and carton sealer.