Carton bagging machine,Bag inserter will generally be used with those equipment?

Some customers in the purchase of the carton bagging machine instead of manual packaging after taste the sweet, want to fully realize the automation of the workshop, ask us how to do?

In fact, you can see this function:

1. First of all, in front of the carton bagging machine - an open case machine is needed to shape the cartons, and then the cartons are directly transported into the carton bagging machine for bagging;

This part can solve the problem of manual unpacking;

Bagging in cartons

2. Secondly, behind the carton bagging machine - a packing machine, an automatic folding machine and an automatic sealing machine are needed to solve the packaging problem after the carton flatters the bag;

The packing machine can automatically transfer the product into the carton;

The automatic bag folding machine can automatically fold the bags into the inside of the carton;

The automatic sealing machine automatically seals the cartons to complete the packaging and transportation;

Such a set of unmanned packaging line on the basic framework of success, if you need other packaging requirements can continue to add;

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