About industrial automation

About industrial automation.

It is not until I commence this work that I start to contact with this field. Judged from the information I reached on Internet and remarks from colleagues around, industrial automation is embracing much potential.

For one thing, labor-intensive work which is conventional and of low efficiency actually accounts for a large proportion in most parts of the world. Though in developing countries, like India, low cost of labor allows this to happen, more factors should be taken into account through  the whole management process. Quality? Efficiency? Sustainability? Standardization?

For another, industrial automation not only contributes to production improvement, but also provides a reliable and well managed system. Industrial automation is a very wide field . All industries, ranging from oil&fat, fruit to plastic, chemical industry , can enjoy the bonus it creates, and share a common system that accelerates manufacturing. Then, managers and companys concern will transfer to other issues, say, increasing the added value. That will push the evolution of our times and human beings forwards.

Therefore, automatic industry, where MITTWAY experts, is a professional end of line packaging machine manufacture,who is focus on building tray former,self-locking box folding forming machine, carton erector,bag in box inserter,poly bag decuffer sealing machine and bag folder. Having earned its reputation at home, MITTIWAY today takes the lead in the line, and is expanding business abroad since 2015. Clients from Korea, America, India ,Singapore,Spain,Italy,Israel and Saudi Arabian, and more to be expected are the best testimonies of that half of the world is waiting and expecting automation solution. World remains changeable, and people are making it happen in certain areas today with the assistance of automation.